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Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the Vault

Hi, everyone,

I spent this past Sunday recuperating from a very demanding few weeks previous. I mostly did the couch potato thing, but since my scanner is conveniently located beside my chaise lounge, I scanned in some old photos that I have in albums in the house.

In July 2000, Ann Huehls, Grandpa Ed, and I went on a little road trip to Gettysburg, PA, Niagara Falls, and Cleveland (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame). Sadly, I have no photos of the hall of fame, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. But here are the rest of those photos:

I also had an album full of random stuff from high school days. Mostly it's senior year stuff, but it includes all kinds of stuff as early as sophomore year. Here's that stuff:

Monday, July 27, 2009

The busy times this July

So it's been crazy for the past few weeks. Anything Goes closed Saturday night with a sell-out crowd of 207. I had so much fun with the cast of the show and the production team was second-to-none! We go to deconstruction tonight, which is a very sad thing. To strike a set (especially one that took so many weeks to construct) is almost always emotional. Now I am not sure what show I'm going to do next. Probably take some time off for a while.

Here are the last of my photos from the Anything Goes final weekend and cast party. Love you guys!

Also, had a great visit with Ninu and Savino. They were here for so short a time, but it was a quality visit nonetheless. There was Disney for a couple of days. We priceline-ed a hotel room for Monday night in Orlando and got a golf resort for cheap. It was awesome and included a lazy river (no photos available from me). So we took Tuesday morning easy and played in the pool/lazy river for a while. It was great. I hope to see Ninu & Savino back here soon. But first, I'll probably see them in London. :-)

Later this week, I hope to put up some of the photos that I scanned this weekend (while I was taking it easy at home Sunday). I have some from the Gettysburg/Niagra Falls trip I took with Grandpa Ed and Anne Huehls after senior year as well as some other random ones from my high school days. Til then!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From the SS American

So here's a new set of photos for the week. We've been hard at work finishing up everything for Plant City Entertainment's production of Anything Goes at the Cornerstone Theater. We open on Friday. Linda Kenny stopped bylast night and took some production photographs. You can see them on her website, MyPaperNow. I think this is the first production I've been in where my whole costume and hair and everything was ready when she came to take photos. Usually there are still some finishing touches I haven't gotten figured out. It helps that there are 4 of us angels that have everything identical except for our colors. The fun part of this role is being an individual whose "character" is actually one quarter of a collective force. Does that make sense?

Last weekend PCE held aspaghetti dinner fund raiser on Saturday and then had set building on Sunday. Here's some photos from those:

I wasn't able to stay, but our dedicated production team worked 14 hour Sunday to finish the set. You can see the finished product in the photos on MyPaperNow.

We are having so much fun doing this show. Seems like the four angels keep finding stuff in our colors that we have to wear -- so far we have rings, earrings, and leis in addition to the stuff that was planned by the costume designer.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey, everybody!

Hello, hello! I know it's been over a month since my last blog post. You're probably already aware of my busy, hectic life. Yay, fun. So I was offloading photos from my phone this morning (work-related) and realized I had a few on there worth sharing. So here goes.

You will notice that there's a few things. Christina's balcony view in Celebration, Florida. I was fortunate enough to get to drop her off at Film Acting Camp there. We had a really fun day last Sunday. You'll also see photos from tea in Plant City with Anne (love the crazy purple hat) and she's also got the biggest espresso cup ever (actually a planter). Then a couple left-overs of Marilyn & Eliott at Animal Kingdom on the Safari ride.

This one includes Disney stuff. Took Stephen to EPCOT for his birthday, then Cecil for his. And the last one is of Christina with her pineapple float.

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