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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taiwan Trip Pics

Hi, folks. So I spent some time putting together the pics from Taiwan. Here, in no particular order, are the Flickr slide shows. Just a note, I added captions to most of the photos, but for some reason in the little Flash shows below, they don't show up. But if you click on the links provided and then click "show info" on the full screen versions, you can read the captions.

Last day first. Ok, not quite the last day. The Sunday before we left Taiwan, Eric and I went to the Yangmingshan National Park and had a look at the sulfer deposits and the surrounding territory. It was very pretty, but kinda smelly. Full screen slideshow.

Here are some photos from around Taipei. We spent most of our days in the city. We did a little shopping and a little sight-seeing. The metro system is very efficient and goes just about everywhere. They have these little cards you can buy and use for the metro, buses, and some taxis. Full screen slideshow.

We also took a little trip to Taroko Gorge National Park and stayed 2 nights at the Silks Place. The scenery was Gorge-ous. No, really. This is the biggest slideshow. There were trails to hike and many spots to see. We only had one full day in the park, so only got to see a fraction of the scenery. But it was amazing. These photos can't really capture it at all. Some of the mountains are limestone and some of them are marble. Rock slides are a somewhat normal occurrence (especially when it rains, like when we were there). The resort we stayed at was lovely, and it was right in the middle of mountains and near the river and across from a Buddhist temple. Just walking out of the hotel was really breath-taking. Full screen slideshow.


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