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Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 update -- Are you still out there?

Wow.  3 years of silence.  The last time I wrote, I had no idea it would be that long.  It's time to get back to it.  The more I've thought over the last week, the more I know that I need to revive this old thing. 

Lots have changed since the last time I wrote.  Eric & I are living together (and we're engaged) in my condo near USF.  I'm now the Assistant Director of Application Development at USF Health IS and I'm leading a small team of business analysts and testers. 

I'm doing a lot of running these days.  I never thought I'd take it up, but here I am, doing at least a few miles a week with good friends at social runs like Running for Brews Tampa and Geek Girls Run Tampa.  Anne Jones started the latter as an affiliate of a group we ran with in Atlanta at DragonCon 2013 and it's a small but dedicated group of social runner geeks. 

I'm knitting a lot.  Got a blue ribbon at the Strawberry Festival for my first lace shawl project.  It is quite a beauty.  I really need to get some good photos of it.

I'm working on different cosplay projects with Anne and Linda and Tamarah.  We are doing a range of things from Steampunk, genre and fandom cross-overs, and running cosplay costumes.  This is causing me to learn more about my sewing machine and honing other craft skills while giving me an outlet for the creative ideas.

Things are going well.  As Marilyn Michele reminded me recently, though, happiness is a bit boring.  But I am enjoying it.

So here we are, in 2014, picking up this old thread.  Dust it off and keep moving, I guess.


Blogger Melissa Long said...

Welcome back! Happiness can be boring, but GOOD and I'll read about it anyway!

March 31, 2014 at 11:02 AM  

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