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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Morgan's Birthday Celebration

So on Saturday, June 19, a group of friend gathered to celebrate Morgan's birthday. And since she's such a grown-up girl now, we couldn't think of a more fun place than the T-Rex Restaurant in Downtown Disney to celebrate! It may have been raining outside, but it was all meteor showers inside. We were sat in the ice age room, where the colors of the walls were changing now and then. The waitress actually had to warn us that the food would look funny because of the lights (yep, my strawberries were black under some of the lighting, but notice how Morgan's red trim on her shirt looks black in some of the photos). After dinner, Morgan helped make her very own Sunshine the Philosoraptor friend. Then off to Raglan Road where Morgan's request of "The Orange and the Green" were accepted and played by the live band.


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