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Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh, Shut Up, Flickr!

So you may notice that all of my photos that I post here come out of my Flickr account. What Flickr doesn't tell you is that after you upload 200 photos, it starts to hold your old ones hostage. Yep. Only the last 200 you uploaded are available to be viewed with the free account. Funny, they don't mention that in the marketing.

About the same time I was exploring my alternatives, Marilyn asked if I could get her a copy of her graduation video to her. Since Flickr's marketing did say that it allowed for unlimitted uploads of videos, I decided to just do that. It would save everything, and while the price tag of $25 a year was a lot for a web service (in my not-so-humble opinion), at least it would be more private than posting it on YouTube.

So I purchased the one-year of service. And then found out that the video I had made was over 2 gig and videos can only be uploaded in 500 MB chunks. So I went about re-rendering the video in pieces -- one per song I had used. Then I uploaded them to Flickr. It gave me a hard time, and then cut off 2 of my videos at 1:30. Both of these videos had been under the 500 MB limit, so I was confused. It wasn't until I went to the Video FAQ that I found out that not only is there a MB limit, but there's also a time limit! Only 1:30 is allowed! Funny, they didn't put that in their agreement or in their explaination of the Flickr Pro features that I was paying for! So at this point, I'm just really frustrated with their whole thing. They say that they're trying to make sure that long videos aren't posted. None of mine are over 2:10. But with 1:30 as my limit, I'm screwed there.

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