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Monday, March 30, 2009

What's going on

So I've been talking about abandoning my old webpage for a blog for some time now. There are some rationales to this. First, my livelihood no longer depends on my HTML skills or my design ability (thank goodness). Secondly, I mostly was able to keep the page updated in my spare time, and I've been sadly lacking in that lately. Especially since I'd have to edit all my photos and write entries etc. Of course, I'm also a facebook fiend lately, so the idea was to keep everything updated there. Good in theory, but I find that I'm missing at least four of my key audience members: my parents and grandparents. So the third reason to switch is to allow me to still have a URL in the world wide web to call my own which would not require a facebook account.

In other news, I've just finished up the run of one play and am in another one. Little Women: The Musical finished up 2 weeks ago now. Seems like ages ago. I was only playing a small role, and so got some fun experience of doing backstage type stuff. I'm very used to worrying about myself and just my props, and so handling, placing, and being responsible for not screwing other people up was new for me. Also, since I spent a majority of my time backstage trying to not be in everyone else's way, I knitted a scarf during the production. It came up a little short and had a couple of holes in it, but it was worn on the closing matinee. Pretty cool.

I've been cast in Shakespeare In Hollywood back at Plant City. It's a complete farce of a story and will be very entertaining, I'm sure. Courtney is directing, and with her exacting eye, it's bound to be a hit. I'm just hoping I can avoid breaking character and laughing through the scenes. It opens May 1. I'll put up more details when the show gets to be sooner.

Plant City Entertainment is also sponsoring a Relay for Life team. I'll be posting about that also soon. We're doing a ton of fundraisers, including selling recipe books and hosting a Cabernet Night at the Cornerstone Theater. We're going to do songs from the past 15 years' musical productions. I'm set to be in "Take Back Your Mink" from Guys & Dolls, among other things.

There's lots more news, but this is becoming a long post and I don't have much more time today. Check back soon for more updates!

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