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Monday, April 6, 2009

A weekend in South Florida

This past weekend Anne and I drove down to Miami to visit Sabrina and Savio. Savio's staying with her for the next few weeks, since he landed a contract position at Bacardi down in Miami. Sabrina had made a big secret of our planned activities for Saturday. First we went down to Homestead and saw the Coral Castle. It was all built by one man in the 1940's without any heavy machinery. He even made his own sun dial, though I was having trouble figuring out how to tell time by it. All of the stone was quarried either from the site or from some other property he had about about 10 miles away. Oh, and buy the way, this guy who did it was only 5 ft tall and weighed about 100 lbs.

Second stop was Schnebly's Winery down the road. They make wine only from local fruits (so no grapes). The tastings were cheap and the tour was pretty interesting. We had brought a picnic lunch, so we sat under a big tiki pavilion alongside some coral formations with fountains. It was a very pretty venue. Bought some wine, too. Our favorite, by far, was the Category 3 Hurricane -- really more of a sangria, as it was a mixture of their Lychee, Guava, and Carambola wines.

Third stop was the Richard Is Here fruit stand. All kinds of fruit. Picked up some chikus for the Fernandes'. I got some tender cocount water (they opened it with a drill instead of a machete), palmedo honey, and tamarind. We skipped on the milkshakes -- the line was wrapped around the stand. And they had live music! It was pretty cool.

Thanks again to Sabrina for planning all of that! It was a great visit.


Blogger notanillusion said...

Does Savio get any lovely perks for working for Bacardi? :)

April 6, 2009 at 2:24 PM  
Anonymous Larry said...

Though he be little ... he is fierce!
Toby McGuire in Seabiscuit

April 6, 2009 at 10:28 PM  

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